494 Full Moons, 2014

Performance documentation


494 full moons rose between the original theatrical release of Texas Chain Saw Massacre and this rooftop performance. Over the course of an hour,

1. I hammered together a simple cone-shaped altar with 3" framing nails and five 2x4s; and hung red, yellow, blue, black, and white 8.5" x 11" cards from each framing stud leg;

2. pull started a gas powered chain saw, used it to taunt street goers below, and then hung it idling chain end down from the altar peak;

3. lit five white pillar candles at each of the structure's feet and danced in lunatic circles around the smoking chainsaw;

4. stripped out of my clothes, sheared every hair off my body with a pair of electric barber clippers, and anointed myself with mud harvested from where Ed Gein’s house once stood in Plainfield, WI;

5. split the back of a whole chicken with a carving knife and tied it to my face with red masonry twine, put on a black vinyl butcher apron, and screamed into the video camera;

and changed through red, yellow, blue, black, and white hooded sweatshirts after each sequence. Viewers could see the performance only via live feed on a large projection screen indoors and could hear the performance only by walking outside.